Extra Vitamin C

Anti-oxidant and cellular detoxifier.  It is a cofactor in multiple enzyme reactions in the body and is important in wound healing, heart health and reducing oxidative stress.  It also helps our immune system fight infections by increasing interferon levels. Dr. Linus Pauliing was one of the first advocates for using high dose vitamin C to treat a variety of ailments.     

$20 for each additional 5,000mg


“The mother of all anti-oxidants"  Glutathione is a master detoxifier, it slows down the aging process, strengthens the immune system, improves energy by boosting mitochondrial functioning, reduces the effects of stress, rejuvenates the skin, and aids athletic performance & recovery.  

$20 for 600mg

$30 for 1,000mg

$50 for 2,000mg

Biotin (B7)

Has been used to improve hair, nail and skin health.  However it also plays a crucial roll in energy production in the body.  Biotin is a component in several enzymes that  are involved in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism.  



Boosts the immune system and helps fight infections.  It is also a precursor to several hormones in the body.  It increases testosterone naturally and helps balance insulin levels.  Zinc also plays a crucial role in cell division and growth, and mades it possible for the body to heal itself and maintain strength.



Has been called “a wonder molecule” by scientists due to its broad and extensive health benefits.  It promotes cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, electrolyte balance, hearing function and immune modulation. Taurine also can increase exercise performance; it has been shown to increase muscle contractility in both cardiac and skeletal muscle.  



Methionine, Inositol & Choline also referred to as “slim boost” or “lipotropic injections.”  These 3 work together to boost the body’s metabolic function and increase lipid metabolism.  



Improves immune function, decreases inflammation, improves thyroid function, supports cognitive function and helps elevate mood.  



Methylated (active form of folate) for people with the MTHFR mutation.  Who do not methylate folate efficiently and as a result have elevated homocystine levels.  This leads to excess inflammation and premature aging. 



Anti-Nausea medication when administered IV can relieve nausea in minutes.



Anti-inflammatory pain medication that helps sore muscles and joints as well as relieves headaches.  



Anti-histamine that helps relieve allergy symptoms and decreases heartburn by reducing stomach acid.