All optimum IVs require an appointment with Doc Smiley prior to administration.  

You will need to complete a detailed health questionnaire on our patient portal prior the appointment so we may personalize a treatment plan specifically for you.  We recommend this appointment for all of our clients that want to achieve optimum health or have specific health concerns.   

Mega Vitamin C IV

Very high levels of vitamin C have been used to treat chronic infections such as lyme disease and Epstein-Barr virus.  Also cancer cells react uniquely to intravenous vitamin C by rapidly producing hydrogen peroxide which damages the cancer cell itself through a process known as oxidative stress.  Healthy cells do not respond this way to vitamin C.  Thus, the intravenous administration of high doses of vitamin C can target and destroy cancer cells in the body while not harming healthy cells.

25,000mg     $220

50,000mg     $260

75,000mg     $299

Plaque X IV

Improve cell membrane health and reduce cholesterol naturally.  Phoshyatidylcholine (PC) is critical to cell membrane health.  It supports muscle, brain and nerve function and helps reduce arterial plaque buildup.  

$220  ($935 for 5)